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Legal Aspects of Education: Primary Sources

This guide serves as a reference to legal resources in the field of primary and secondary education. Many sources mentioned may be relevant to higher education research as well.

Print Sources

Primary Sources

Statutes and Codes:


United States Code, Title 20, Education: 5 East sec. 27

United States Code Annotated: 5 East sec. 28-29

United States Code Service: 5 East sec. 28

United States School Laws and Rules: KF 4105.99 U55


Wisconsin Statutes: Ref KFW 2929 A2

West's Wisconsin Statutes Annotated: Ref KFW 2430 1957 A53

Updated Wisconsin School Laws: Res KFW 2790 W57 (Circulation Desk)

Other State Codes:

Visit 2 South & East (Alphabetically by state)


Administrative Rules & Regulations

Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 34, Education: 5 East sec. 30

Federal Register: 5 East sec. 30

United States School Laws and Rules: KF 4105.99 U55

Wisconsin Administrative Code & Register, Vol. 14, ch PI, Dept. of Public Instruction: Ref KFW 2435 1956 A27


Federal Statutes & Regulations

Congressional & Education Department Web Sites

Wisconsin Statutes & Regulations

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

Court Decisions

Administrative Decisions

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