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Historical Resources for U.S. and State Law

Sources of historical federal and state cases, legislation and regulations, as well as books, journals and newspapers.

United States Supreme Court Reporters -- Print

United States Supreme Court Reporters -- Online

Lower Federal Courts Reporters -- Print

Lower Federal Courts Reporters -- Online


Case Citators

Dockets & Filings

In addition to the opinions as appear in the reporters above, additional documents which were filed in a case may also be available, such as the complaint, briefs, etc.  The case docket will list a of the documents were filed in a case. 

Dockets are available electronically from the mid 1990s to the present.  UW law school faculty and staff may request access to Bloomberg Law which has a collection of federal and state dockets.  If you're not a UW law school faculty and staff member, contact a law librarian.

If you would like to see a copy of a case filing, please contact a law librarian.  We can help you determine the best way to obtain the document.  Note that there may be a fee involved.